Hey UG, here to show you some new recordings. My band, Sunset Drag, recently got into the studio and threw down 3 of our originals.

1. She-Devil: A typical hard rock song with the most memorable solo's of our songs. Semi-heavy sounding.
2. Once Again: Faster paced rock song, very upbeat. Almost bluegrassy solo.
3. Getting You: Upbeat medium tempo rock, seems to be a favorite, pretty catchy.

So tell us what you think! Any critiques, comments, criticisms, or other helpful "c" words are welcome.

Rock on

Nice... you guys are pretty good. She-Devil was prety cool the guitar reminded me of AC/DC and the solo was awesome. Getting You was my least favorite, but I liked it it was just the least good. My favorite was once again because I liked the guitar it was pretty cool.

I think you guys should make the guitar louder next time you record, it would make it a lot better because sometimes it sounds like the guitar is just background music rather than a complete piece of the song. Also the singer's voice becomes a little nasalish (like hes singing through his nose) so he may wanna work on that.

Yea... so there's my lame review haha. Keep Rockin'


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I'm gonna crit as I listen...

-good melody and transitions
-put a little more into the vocals...just go all out and let go
-solo was good but a little sloppy. sounded like the timing might be a little off in spots.

Getting You
-not my favorite so far. the melody isn't quite as catchy, in the verses or the choruses
-good guitar, though.
-timing is a little off on parts of the vocals.
-nice solo. much cleaner than she-devil's...fit the song really well
-got more into the song as it went...kinda reminded me of some Jet songs
-nice little guitar outro

Once Again
-I like the energy in the intro
-vocals need some timing work again
-give the vocals some energy, too. the guitars and drums are flying...vocals seem kinda laid-back

Overall I thought these were all good songs. Well-written and put together. The guitars and drums were excellent, for the most part. Like I said, the she-devil solo was a little sloppy-sounding...which makes sense because it was so fast. I'd give each song a 4/5. Biggest points docked on the vocals. Vocals for any band are the hardest, but also the most crucial. For the most part, they sounded on-key, which is good. I think mostly that your vocalist just needs to throw some energy into the song...especially the choruses. One thing that also might help would be to vary the notes in the last chorus...maybe hit a high note higher than in the previous chorus or something. I always hate critiquing these because I always make it sound like I didn't like it. But I did. All 3 of them.

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---I realize that you'll probably have a lot of the same comments about mine, which is fine. The reason that I picked them out on yours because they were brought to my attention on mine. After spending so much time on mine and trying to see the flaws in my song that other people saw, it was easy to spot in other people's songs after I finally found them in mine.