Does anyone have an interesting more textured version of Smells Like Teen Spirit that they have tabbed, preferably something that sounds nice on acoustic, I have heard some brilliant acoustic versions, namely this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26bdUW96oyk If anyone has anything like that sounds like that, that would be brilliant, or even anything just more interesting and textured then the original, thank you
just watch the video and tab it from that. but really, why would you want to play that song acoustic?
I have the Eric Roche version in a guitar magazine somewhere. Would have to do a bit of a search though because it's probably buried in my room.
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well the begining is Em A G C but with some style of finger picking (not sure of names) Im trying to get the rest by ear, but truthfully im the last person you want trying to figure this out (as im pretty new, ive never tabbed anything and generally dumb down the parts that im incapable of pulling off)......please if anyone can help !!!!! we would both be greatful