Alright as you can tell I'm not actually a "New Member" I just didn't know where to put this.

I have a concern. Every time I put a tab up, no matter how right it is, It never gets accepted... Does anybody else have this problem or do you have any idea why this happens.

I know my tabs are right because I have friends that will look at them that actually know the song and tell me they are.
what if your friends play them wrong?.... lol just jking... umm i dunno... but i reccomend copying tabs from other sites
A) theres already a perfect tab of that song
B) your tab is to messey
C) I wouldnt have a clue
Even if there is already a supposedly Perfect tab there, I manage to find flaws in alot of them

But well see
I get the same sodding problem i even got the critical acclaim tab from the avenged sevenfold TAB BOOK but NO everyone thinks theres allready a perfect tab when the only part people can get right is the bridge.