I really want to know how The Pit has helped other people do things
Whether it be getting the girl, not getting AIDS, Knowing whether something is rape or sexual harassment (me ) , or anything that you would never expect to find on UG

I come to the pit everytime I have something I can't figure out on my own.

Share any funny, life changing, etc. stories about it.
Nothing the Pit has ever said or done as changed my life in anyway.

But, it has given me countless mixed emotions, and a whole lot of "lulz".

Long live the Pit!
its taught me to be more bitter about everything and that anything can be reported.
Does no one else see the hairy naked man??
Dear diary.

Today I stuffed some dolls full of dead rats I put in the blender.

I'm wondering if, maybe, there really is something wrong with me.
ISHATINYOURFACE's post certainly did not help me.
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i am actually lolling right now!!! lmao!

After 1 and a half long years, someone laughed at one of my posts.

It has helped me pass time. And get away from myspace for a little bit.

Damn myspace.
ok so the guy was an asshole. but the fact that it was the first post was just fantastic.

i lol'd
Everyone report the troll please, he'll be gone soon enough
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Everybody must get stoned! (If they are me.)
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Don't feed the troll.

Everytime someone says this, I picture this giant circle of people (the pit) around a tiny cage with kid just FREAKING out as we ignore it and say "don't feed the troll"

I chuckle everytime.
I don't know where I would be without the pit. I waste hours of time at the office reading it and it's always a good laugh.

Who is that woman? I must know!

This isnt /s

But the pit hasnt done much for me except provide and insane amount of lulz.