Anyways, i need this tabbed. I have a friend who REALLY likes the twilight books, and theres speculation that this is one of the most important songs that will be in the movies. Anyways, help me out here guys =]


Yes, guitar tabs,
i got the basics down, but once he starts fingerpicking like crazy, i can't keep up with that,

hopefully, one of you guys can tab it full for me?
Please, i need this.
did you try searching it up in 911tabs.com?

Sometimes you can find tabs in there that aren't on UG.
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Quoting yourself is cool.

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and i still need this tabbed, please?
try harder get a better vidio and you can tell exacaly what fingers he is using and what notes. spend the time on the damn song your self. somehting you cnat do but c'mon if you cant do that thats pathetic!
try harder it might take time but to the work!!!!!!!!!!!