I have this guitar:

And it suits me very well. It feels great, sounds great, looks great. Almost anything I could really ask for. The only problem is, it doesn't have a whammy bar, which is really necessary to play Van Halen. And it's also really fun to mess around with them, and I could use them for some pretty sweet harmonics effects.

I have decided that I would check into seeing if it would cost much to purchase a Floyd Rose trem, and have it installed by a luthier. I hear that luthiers generally don't like to do this sort of thing for several reasons.

Does anybody have any experience getting a FR installed onto their guitar? Or should I just get a cheap guitar with an FR so I don't mess up my current one?
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I have a friend who sent his guitar to a luthier and it was routed wrong.

Bottom line is that it SHOULD be left alone because it's a area where even half a millimeter makes the biggest difference.

If you know someone who has experience with this and has verified successful results then you can talk to them.

Either way the cost to have someone do such won't be far off from a cheap guitar with a floating trem. Buying another guitar would be safest though.
Its never cheap for this surgery. A FR is 150 and figure 200 or more for routing. And you would need the neck modded for a locking nut. It wont stay in tune long without the locking nut. The other option is a stetsbar it drops into your existing stopbar and bridge holes. But they dont give em away over 200 for a stetsbar. Way better to just get a guitar with a wammy already installed.