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ELLEMENOPEE, won't you sing along with me?

step step step, step like a ninja
teach yourself until you are injured
keep that sword away from me
you're swinging that sword too close to me

excuse me while i interrupt you
i'm never not trying not to corrupt you
guess what i have it's a dick or c o c k
how many licks to the center
if you recall, my last post was at 11pm and this one at 2:14am, which makes it another day. plus you're gay.
oh and look i deleted my other one so you wouldn't have to stare at 2 posts by the same author. the horror.


ok then, could you be more full of yourself?

do you really think you're god's gift to everything?

i was "juvenile" to prove a point. you're a little bitch.
you lied it's not at all about life I feel used
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