hey i'm looking to buy/trade for a new guitar amp. See when I went to college I traded all my electric stuff in for a sick acoustic and now i'm moving into a bigger house at school and my buddy has his drum set there so I want to be able to jam. I'm basically looking for a combo amp, preferably a 120 watt with 2 12's in it, but if anyone has some other suggestions i'm definitley in need of them. I mean if you have a good amp at a decent price that's pretty loud by all means drop me a message and i'll check it out. I'm looking to spend anywhere from 200 to 400 dollars on it, I know i'm cheap but i'm a broke college student. Also I have a yamaha classical acoustic guitar with a hard shell case for sale/trade as well. And then one more thing i have a slightly broken laptop to trade/sell. When I say slightly broken i mean the laptop monitor doesn't work but if you hook up an external monitor to it, it'll work fine. I doubt anyone wants that but i thought i'd throw it out there. But basically, I just want a new amp. Thanks.
I have my uncles Crate GT1200H at the moment to test out and give my opinion on.
It's 120 watts, you should check it out. He got it for a pretty low price here in Australia.
It's not so bad for the price. It and the cab retail for AUS$1300 combined. He got it for like half the price.
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how about my mint roland cube 60?? I can play with my band in the university's hall without a PA system
Hah, I have my cube 60 up to my uncles cab. So loud, such awesome tone too. Especially for a digital amp.
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i got a crate glx that is 120 watts and 212s.
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$300 plus shipping. near mint condition. there is a spill stain on the cloth. hard to see unless in certain lighting. thats the only wrong with it. has the footswitch. 3 channels, dsp effects.shipping starts out at $102 according to ups and thats just from houston to little rock. its up to you.
Gibson SG Standard
Marshall MG100HDFX Halfstack
Line-6 POD HD500
man i live in pittsburgh so shipping would be even more and for that i can get it up here for 430 new which is about what it would cost me to buy it from you and then ship it too
i know. sucks don't it. thats the only bad thing about buying big stuff like that online. it eats you up in shipping costs.
Gibson SG Standard
Marshall MG100HDFX Halfstack
Line-6 POD HD500
peavey renown 400 with 210 watts and replaced scorpions.........2x12........either ship or ya can come pick it up in northeast pa..........200 before shipping....
Selling a Vox AD120VT Hybrid Amp. I'm in Nova and I'm asking $525 shipped for it.
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I have a Marshall mg100 100 watts, 1x12 speaker. I'm selling for around $340 plus shipping.

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