Ok Pit. I work at ****in pizza hut. It sucks. There is this tiny festival in the next town up that my girlfriend wants me to go to with her tommorow (technically today) and me and a couple friends have been wanting to fill the keg. well everyone wants to do this tommorow but i have to work 4- close. And we close at 12 on weekends. This sucks ass. My only problem is the only other person that could fill in for me is off tommorow and will probably be at the same place. And i dont want to have to make her miss it because i didnt go in. Ive been thinking about quitting anyway because i dont hardly make enough money for how much i work. But i dunno. How could i get out of going to work?
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Quit your job... and get a better one.

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I think it's safe to assume that ISHATINYOURFACE won't be here much longer.

Back to the thread:

Wasn't you able to book it off beforehand? It looks like if you really want to go you may just have to pull a sicky.
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Call up and tell them that you're sick? Isn't that the obvious option.

i work there and I love it lol, it's a fun place to work

and you should have put in a day off request before hand.. like a week before. Ihave for a concert before and I got the day off

or otherwise tell them you have explosive diarrhea

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Come On. whats with the money shot? Although its nice i was being serious lol. I hope this doesnt get closed because that jackass.

But anyway, i requested saturday off and got it and now everyone is wanting to do stuff tommorow. i dont care about my job i just dont wanna make that chick go in. im thinkin bout calling her before hand and telling her im not goin in and not to answer their calls.
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claim family problems. you wont need a doctors note and no-one will question you.

if you act energetic they will think your just trying to take your mind off of it, if you act quiet they will just think you are very upset.

or do what one of my mates did and claim you have vertigo
lol just call in sick....

wtf I work at a pizza place, and all ya gotta do is call in sick.

Just call in sick, don't lie and say your mom died or something cuz obviously you're lying.
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...Pull a sickie.

Surely this tactic has been around since the concept of paid employment was conceived.

Of course they'll be suspicious but as long as they can't prove it you're home and dry.
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Say you have a boner, it will be super awkward so they won't make you work.

"Yeah, well, I can't work on saturday"
"What? Why?"
"Well you see... I have a boner"
"Um, how does this affect you working on saturday?"
"Well I still might have it then"
"I see. You're fine to have that saturday off"

I almost guarantee that this technique will work, how could it not?