I have an ibanezz rg370dx and i have tuned it to drop c.But i think the chords are too loose.I have the stock strings.Should i put one size bigger?
I have the same guitar. You should use heavier gauge strings than the stock strings, like .010-.052, but I prefer .011-.054 for that tuning. Anyway didn't the bridge sink in the cavity?
if i remember the 370dx doesn't have a locking trem, so A) invest in some 12's (trust me 12's will make the drop tuning feel a little better and you will be able to do standard tunings like C standard etc), and B) get some locking tuners, especially on a lower end RG where the build quality isn't really that great.
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actually i think rg370dx has a locking tremolo.just look up in google.Now i'm going to buy some 011-054.If they dont fit me i'll buy bigger