What do you think of those? Metallica used them for the recording of Kill 'Em All, thats the sound I want.

But I can't try it before buing it because I can't find it:S
I have an old Rat from the late 70s that still kicks ass. The Rat & a Fulltone OCD are the only drive pedals I'll ever need. I always tell people to try out new stuff first, but you could buy a Rat knowing you're getting a great pedal. I did an extensive side by side comparison of my Rat vs a Fulltone Fulldrive 2, & they sounded very similar, the only real difference being that the FD 2 has nicer fine adjustment to it, & a slight touch more treble boost available if needed(but you can EQ your amp if you need the extra treble too). The Rat sounds a bit more lively to me than a TubeScreamer (stock), & the TS has a bit more of a creamier tone, but that's just my opinion.
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