I've got a crappy Rocktek amp that I use as a practice amp when I go away, etc... definately no where near my prized Laney TF.

I've replaced the speaker cloth, as the old grill was boring and crap, and I was wanting to spray paint the vinyl on the outside blue and make some music note stencils, but my dad said that the paint would peel off. Does anyone know of a way to make sure it doesn't, or another type of paint?

Also, while I'm at it, does anyone have any other ideas how to make this amp any better? Aesthetically, of course - it sounds like ****. It doesn't have dist / OD, only a volume and 4 band EQ (treble, high mid, low mid, bass).
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I did something similar recently with an old practice amp, I just stripped off the vinyl/tolex/whatever it was and primed then painted it. There really isn't any reason to keep the vinyl if you want to refinish it. You could probably get colorful vinyl but the stencilling wouldn't adhere well.

You could do something like this - sans amp build of course. If you were feeling adventurous you could add an input and install the ruby and you'd have a new option for distortion.
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Cheers for your input. A ruby might be cool a little later down the track, or even a clone of a more complex amp. I've ended up spraying the vinyl anyway, this is pretty much just an experiment so I don't care if it peels later on.

I'll give a few pictures later on once it's finished.

What I've done:

Replaced speaker cloth with a vintage-style cloth;
Painted the enclosure navy blue.

What I'm planning to do:

Stencil notes on the enclosure;
Strip down the control strip thingy;
Paint the control strip 'Zvex' style.'