This is something that I made up today and yesterday.

If you'd be so kind as to crit, could you answer these for me:-

1: Do you think that the tempo should be 140, or 180?

2: Is this worth continuing?

3: If so, where should it go next? (it's a bit of a false ending - if I were to continue, that would be omitted)

Tempo should be around 143.

Definately worth continuing.

Take it wherever you feel like it should go.

I don't think you need the bass anyways.
Not with acoustic stuff.

It's quite good, and I enjoy it.

You should really write more before you post a song though.

~Loki <3
~ Please Crit One Of My Songs? ~

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wow, i really didn't expect that! very nice mellow acoustic thing!

1. i think both are possible and sound good, but i tend to like the slower version more.
but i would decide that when its finished...

2. hell yeah! you just got a nice start, just keep playing and writing!

3. hm, you just wrote for 2 days, so im sure some more parts will appear the following days and weeks
but please keep the ending! it's fitting perfectly! it would be nice if you start with this part and end with it, but in the middle something new...i hope you know what i mean^^