hi, im new,..im wondering has anybody heard of these pedals,..from the same company,..i think maybe from a welsh [uk] producer ive been told was called NOBLE electronics or something like that,..its not the NOBLES effect pedal company with all the standard types ,eg,fuzz,overdrive,tube,chorous etc,etc,,.but friend used to have one but i cant contact him so its very hard to find out details ,which is why im asking here,.the pedal i need could pick out the lowest note in a cord ,lets say G, and then lower it by an octave, giving the effect of having a bass playing with the guitar,if you cleanly played the right inversion,.this bass note would play along with the normal sound of the guitar,..,..you can imagine how useful this would be for a solo singer/ guitarist,..also another pedal with the sound of a violin + viola,.3 notes reproduced along with the guitar cord thru the pedal,..anybody heard of these units?,..i know they have existed but maybe not now,..please, dobrocop.
thanks stodgy,..looks interesting, will test it,..i have since found out that the company name is ABLE electronics,..and the 2 pedals i want are the BASSMAKER, and the STRING,and these were made by a clever man in WALES in UK,..he no longer makes them,..but im searching everywhere in vain hope.,does this mean anything to anybody?if you can help please let me know,...thanks and cheers,..dobrocop.