Ok I was unscrewing the plate on the neck joint of my Jackson V (an older model king v) expecting to find the bolts for the neck underneath, But I believe I unscrewed what was holding the neck somewhat in place as after I found no bolts and screwed the plate back on tight all of my strings were around a tone and a half out of tune...

Has my stupid action ****ed up my intonation, or the truss rod, its very annoying, noticible when I plug directy into the comp as a horrible overpowering buzz, but on my amp I dont hear it

after turning the bass up on my mixer, i get a terrible buzz on

D - 1 2 3
E - 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
uhh... ya the bolts on the "plate on the neck joint" are what holds a bolt-on neck on. if you did that with the strings in tune... ouch. i would take it to a tech before you **** it up even more. sorry.
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your neck has gone from good string tension to no string tension in the space of probably a minute, not good.

first check for bowing, if it is just a bowing problem your lucky, if it is a warped neck, well sucks to be you.
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on closer inspection there is a slight warp from the nut to the bridge

less that half of what is seen there


What is strange is I ONLY hear the buzz when I plug into my mixer and into the computer, on my amp its not there, sounds normal

Also the action on the higher frets is perfectly fine

- Found this on a website

The ideal neck will only show warp concentrated in the neck area away from the body.
That pretty much describes the neck of my guitar so.........
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You cant unscrew the neck at full tension and try to screw it back down again. It will never go back to its original position. Take all the tension off and try again. Or just take it to a shop.
Do you mean its physically impossible to screw it in again, or returning it to its original position is impossible? Good point, but the neck only moved 2mm when I 'dislocated it' I noticed the small gap and screwed it back on.
Take all the strings off then check to see that the neck bolts are nice and tight.

Then re-string, tune up, check the intonation and action. If things are still not right take it to a pro to look at.
Intonation and action are fine, literally the only problem is buzzing when I plug into my mixer, which is quite important to me, amps sound fine and I can live with that, but at this moment im living off my mixer as a direct into my computer.