Lately, I've kind of been disappointment by myself, I guess is the best way to put it. Cause I use to be able to just sit around and churn out riffs..and now, nothing news came out of me for a good..month and a half.
And the reason I come to you guys is to ask a few quick questions. Is this normal? Because I'm thinking, maybe my brain only gave me those to work on, and maybe if I use them in a song and finish said song, I'll get something new. Yeah..crackpot idea, but whatever. Would you recommend trying different tunings if so, which ones? I write in standard and drop D, btw. And would you recommend learning new scales? I'm very familiar with the pentatonic and kind of the major scales. And I "know" a bunch more, but not enough to sit around and be like, "Hey, I'm gonna guitar wank in F# Dorian for half an hour."

Thanks in advance for reading my wall of text, and for helping me
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Maybe, you should learn a kick ass song with an amazing mind-blowing solo, and at the main riff. Use the same notes, and just improvise to make your own riff outta it. There's a whole lesson on this on the site. It helps me!

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