Is there a such thing as a virtual guitar amp for my pc like fruityloops???


I was on holiday 1500kms from my house and my car broke down so i had to leave all my guitars and amps in the car and fly back, its gonna take a while to get fixed, ive been playing my other electric guitar, but i have no amp. I am chasing a free application that i can run on my comp so i can plug my guitar into my pc, then to my stereo, to run distrotion effects etc.

Ages ago i was using fruityloops amplitude when i had no amp, but i lost the cd and i am to cheap to buy it again, does anyone know of a prog that will do this?

RG's & Mesa's
theres a thing called virtuamp that someone posted a while ago, but unless you have an amazing sound card, the response will be ridiculously slow because of latency