Howdy, all--

So right now I play my acoustic/electric live, on an Acoustic AB50 (Note: It has two input channels). I use a chain of pedals to get the sound I want, and I've absolutely tweaked it to utter perfection.

This is what my live setup looks like:

(LS-2 is an AB switch, GE-7 is an EQ stomp, CE-5 is a Chorus/Ensemble, CS-3 is a Compressor/Sustain, and DS-1 is a distortion switch.)

Guitar-->Boss LS-2-->Boss GE-7-->Boss CE-5-->Boss CS-3-->Amp Channel 1
Boss DS-1-->Amp Channel 2

Basically, channel 1 is for brilliant acoustic, and channel 2 is for when I just want to blow wide open on the dirty acoustic, haha.

So here's my question:

In order to clean up the mess of pedals I use live, save on battery costs, (I know I should buy a power brick, but I've had HUGE venue accommodation issues), to ease transportation, and to just turn everything into one stomp, I've been researching the Boss AD-3 (can you tell I'm a huge Boss fan?) and was wondering if anyone has had much experience with it? I know it has a built in chorus (bye, CE-5), reverb (bye, CS-3), EQ (bye, GE-7), and I'm assuming some sort of built in hum-reducer.

Does anyone have experience with the AD-3? Does anyone know what it's full range of capabilities are, whether or not it has a built in compressor, what kind of tones it's good at painting (and what tones it's not), how good the built in feedback reduction stomp is, etc.?

I want the whole rundown on the AD-3 from someone who both has and uses it, and if it can actually replace each of the aforementioned specialized pedals in individual sound quality.