thanks assholes
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Oh, and this is the internet. I have the right to be a douchebag. Fuck off.
This was me first guitar and I think its pretty decent. I got it back in 2006(back then it was $350) at a Guitar Center in a tobacco sunburst finish which looks good.

Yes,the neck is finished. The neck is pretty chunky but it gives ye kinda a feeling of stability you could say. And sound wise its okay, ya know its an epi ain't gonna get a full blown Gibson sound but for $300 dollars its good. I got unlucky though cause the neck pickup on mine just died on me about 4 months after got it(thank god for warranties).

Despite a dead pickup(which I personally think was just bad luck) I think its a great guitar, good comfortable neck, decent sound, but make sure you get a warranty so you aren't left with half a guitar.
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thanks assholes

are you kidding me with this?
this is a forum not a chat room.

when i clicked, i was going to say, i have one and it's an above average starter-intermediate guitar.
the first in the epi lp line, not a toy.

mine has played well for years, but i've heard the new ones, arent quite as up to par.


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I have the LP Standard, which is comparable. I love it.

You're going to have to play each individual one to find the right guitar, as some are made great and some are faulty. With Epiphone, if you pick up two random guitars of the exact same model, one might sound like it's worth $100 and another might sound like it's worth $1,000. That's what I hear at least.