Sing it kids!

No but really, it's called "Plastic", i've been working on stuff for a little over a half a year now, and I only record basically once every month.

Don't judge it solely by the first song, that was just a lo-fi thing I did with this Radio Shack mic, with really crappy improvised lyrics.

I'm open to constructive criticism, any tips would be greatly accepted, and I will try and respond to a post of yours to the best of my ability, if you post the link.

Also, (this is not me bragging, this is just a warning): I do not use a metronome, which explains why stuff speeds up and slows down. For all but one song, I use a radio-shack mic, see if you can guess which one i use an SM57 for. And also, I know I can't really sing, but these songs needed lyrics.
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Your vocals aren't too bad dude. Completely listenable and with some practice, you could be pretty good. The recording itself is pretty good! You should try adding drums to it.
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