Hey everyone, I looked through this forum countless times and raped the search until
mental death, but I did not find what Iam looking for.
I have TONS of guitar pro datas in my download folder, but I just like a minimum of them.
Iam looking for bands like children of bodom, I don't care about the tuning. The songs shouldn't be TO hard, but I don't wanna play powerchords all the time too.
Examples are "children of decadence", "are you dead yet?" from children of bodom.
Those are songs I really love to play. Please dun say now something like "In Flames" etc.,
I own every single tab from them ... I would be VERY pleased if you could name some
Bands that I could get something to learn from.

Edit: Oh crap I saw that I posted in wrong forum ... SORRY! You may change it?
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Disturbed, some Mastodon, Machine Head, Motorhead...

Off the top of my head.
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dope is good. not so many solos but fun riffs to play
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Children of Bodom
[1] Hatebreeder
[2] Silent Night, Bodom Night
[3] Bed of Razors
[4] Towards Dead End

Almost any Lamb of God song, its mostly riffs.
Arch Enemy and Cannibal Corpse could be a bit of a challenge...

Dream Theater and Messhuggah would be a much bigger challenge.

"BMTH" would just bore you, don't listen to HiyuKantaro.

Biomechanical are good, but they don't seem to have many tabs around.
Cephalic Carnage, Dillinger Escape Plan...

...you like CoB you say? Then I would recommend Arch Enemy (twice!) 'cause they're from the same part o' the world, ish... (kinda similar to In Flames, actually. Just cooler.)

Nightwish have the odd beast of a tune.

Obviously Metallica and all the other great metal bands, but I'd guess you have their tabs...

...if you liked In Flames, maybe get some At the Gates, or the Carcass - they basically inspired those guys to do what they do...

ZOMG Scarified by Racer X/Paul Gilbert!

Uh yuh, I could rattle off loads but this should do you, I hopes.

Lots of Lamb Of God is challenging enough.
Most of the tracks off of Death's Symbolic are awesome fun to play (Symbolic, Misanthrope, Empty Words, Crystal Mountain...)
Then you have Gorod, learn Chronicle From The Stone Age, State Of Secret and Blackout.
More... Redemption by Suffocation is awesome.
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People may like to bash on Trivium but some of their riffs and solos are pretty tough.
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Thanks guys, helped me alot Now I dun sit there and waisting my time!
lol... that's a pedobear with guitar!

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