a ripe off... lol im sorry but i rather get a car than a 20,ooo$ guitar.
does that actually cost 20 grand?

no.. it's not 20,000$.. here in our country, it's peso.. 1 USD= 45 pesos.. so it's roughly around 450 USD..

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The workmanship looks great. If you have silly amounts of money, go for it! Don't knock Chinese craftsmanship. They have some of the best wood craftsmen in the world. Is it worth the price tag? Probably not as Chinese craftsmen are not paid at the same rate as western craftsman. Are their craftsmen as good? Probably better as they have been around for thousands of years. I'd love to hear the tone of that guitar in !0yrs or so!
Anyhow, most western popular brand guitars are built in factories, not hand-built by craftsmen. Those factories will soon be shifted to China anyway due to competitive costs.

Interestingly is their [China] 'white' violins and cellos [especially their cellos] that are sold to Europe mainly. 'white' means plain wood before they are finished. In Europe they are given an 'aged' finish and sold off around the world as very old European instruments. They sound superb and cost heaps! Some of their Violins sound better than a Strad. according to the expert players. Stads cost so much because of their rarity not their sound. You don't get a sound worth millions more than anything else, you just get a very rare Violin .... a bit like a pre-war Matin dreadnought. Your paying mostly for rarity more than sound. Sure they sound good but do you get sound or rarity for your money?
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