I recently bought a Macbook pro, for my media arts program in College; I recieved a Free Ipod Touch, and when I plugged it in to set it up; it wouldn't let me register or anything; it said like "Unknown Error 6" or something, I was wondering if the mighty pit members have had any problems, if anyone owns one.

If someone could help, that'd be fantabulous!
and yes, I've got pictures...
You'd probably be better off emailing Apple, if they can't tell you how to fix it they'll replace it.
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Ipod Thread

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You know the problems and what you have done from opening the box to the problem occuring so just a flick through there might help
Congrats on the Macbook Pro! They are amazing for media!

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Ipod Thread


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congrats on the macbook pro! it is an amazing laptop.
my biggest complaint about the ipod touch; scratches. heaps of scratches. just on the polished aluminum though. i used to have a case but after a while, i wasn't bothered to take it on and off everytime i wanted to use the ipod. also, using wifi really drains the battery. other than those, i've never really had any problems with mine, personally i'd replace the headphones, cuz those things break in a matter of months
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