hi there, since i'm having this problem i'm glad that i can come here and post this on the net. i hope someone has advice for me or wants to discuss some options. since a year or 2 i've been having my fender hot rod deluxe, which is a very fine amp. but when i plug my telecaster on my amp, i'm having a lot of buzz and my basslines come out very blurry and unclean. now i'm trying to solve this problem by: replacing my stock pickups on my mexican fender by some fender lace sensors, which can maybe block the blurry tones and get me a nicer sound. would this be a good idea or are there more solutions for this problem? or should i maybe get a pedal that can solve this too? i don't think it would do any good to replace the amp, because it is perfect to me and won't need replacement. thanks for the help!
Could it be a mechanical issue on your telecaster ? You should try your righ with another telecaster (if possible the same model as yours) to test out the thing, it might also be simply an eq problem. I'm leaning towards the tele tech issue though. These amps are MADE to sound gorgeous with such guitars.

EDIT: If the buzz comes only from that single guitar then it's an electronic problem, if your pickups aren't too crappy (AKA squier stocks) it'S probably a soldering thingy, check the pots and especially the grounding of the pickup wiring, I had it broken on my own guitar some time ago, after a little solder here and there voilà no more trouble.
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get an equalizer pedal, that really cleans up your sound.


The Hot Rod doesn't have the greatest of overdrive channels.
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ok thanks for all the replies. well also the thing is, the hot rod sounds great when i play it clean with my tele, but when the overdrive comes, i get that blurry sound. so yesterday i bought an mi audio grunge overdrive box, which improves my sound, but maybe the problem is with me, maybe i'm just too difficult