Essentially I have to get an emergency distortion/OD pedal for my friend's valve junior to produce a passable metal sound. For tomorrow. And he won't be back until tomorrow. Which is the day of the show.

I have only 180 CDN with me, due to random price increases and f/x rate lets just assume that its <150USD. I also have to get a cliplock strap (for the jem), patch cords, strings, blah and we may as well assume that it takes up 75-100 dollars.

The truth is that the pedal doesn't even have to be good, it just has to work and be noise free. Its probably not going to be used past tomorrow, but if its good enough my friend will probably just buy it from me.

Note that I would rather have him play metal with a blues sound than severely waste my money. Even though its my band.

So browsing through the local stores online catalogue, I observe the following items are on sale/at a manageable price:

EH little big muff
EH metal muff
EH pocket metal muff

And the store is notorious for putting up higher prices online and not displaying most of the items, so I need your suggestions since I won't even have the time to test them out above seeing if they work.
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if your loking for a Distortion Pedal he would use once for the gig, then buy off of you, why not get a Boss DS-1?
Get the EH metal muff.

Or Marshall Jackhammer. Great OD (don't use the dist) for its price.
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I'd favor the Little Big Muff, with the Metal Muff as a second choice. The Pocket Metal Muff has a switchable EQ: no scoop and two levels of scoop, whereas the Metal Muff has a 3-band and the Little Big Muff has a Tone control. The sound on the Little Big Muff is absolutely classic.
Would the EH stuff work as a permanent device?

we're probably just going to rent a bunch of DS-1's unless theres something amazing out there.
i have a 'white guitar'
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The amp is an epiphone valve junior? Maybe if you crank it and use a tubescreamer/super overdrive you could get enough distortion... maybe not though. Damage Control Solid Metal would rock but is expensive
I can't say that my valve junior or even my traynor YCV 20 would do really give a metal tone with just an overdrive. They just don't seem to get there they sort of top out at a heavy crunchy rock tone. I tried a ds 1 and the other boss distortions pedals today but I would have to try them with my amps to know what they would really sound like. The ds1 sounded really thin but the shop had all the whole boss line on a stand running through a 20watt randall solid state. I only had about 20 minutes so did not really have time time to get any kind of feel for the pedasl at all. I did like the Les Paul they let me use though felt real nice and I really expected it to be much heavier than it was. I don't usualy even bother to ask if I can try a Les Paul but the store manager got it down for me without me even asking and yes I would like one based on how it felt and how nice it was to play.