ok people im a guitar player who loves the metal and am feeling limited on riffs. and ive seen guitar players use what look like to me as power chords with other extended notes applied any know what i mean? or any other ideas?
not exactly sure what your askin for
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I think he wants ideas on how to use sustained notes in conjunction with power chords to form riffs...or something like that...
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You can check over in the music theory forum. Ask about Sus (suspended) chords, augmented chords, and diminished chords. Basically, and most simply, you can maybe add 3rds, 4ths, 6ths, 7ths, 9ths....etc, to your basic 1-5 power chord. Its more technical than that, but for now it will work.

In other words, try an E5 power chord. In its most simple form, its made up of and E(1) and a B(5) right? Well add the 9th (count 9 notes up from the E -include the E as 1) and see how that sounds.

So, depending on what mode (scale) and sharps and flats, your E5sus9th chord would be E, B and F#. (If you want a tab type explination, let me know).

Or to be less technical, hold a power chord with your index finger and your ring finger. With the pinky of the same hand, try different notes along with it. Experiment until something sounds cool, crazy, or even nasty!
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