The song to me by Led Zeppelin
is based on the following:

CHORDS: C, Am, F, G7, C 

E ------------------|-------------------|
B ------------------|-------------------|
G -----5-5------5-5-|-5--------5--------|
D -5-9------5-9-----|---9-7-7----9-7-7--|
A ------------------|-------------------|
E ------------------|-------------------|

E ---------|---------|-------------------|
B ---------|---------|-------------------|
G ---------|---------|-----5-5-------5-5-|
D -7-5-----|---7-5-5-|-5-9------5-9------|
A -----8-8-|-8-------|-------------------|
E ---------|---------|-------------------|

I am not saying this is all to it but to me
it gets it started and I am sure if you
improvise a bit on what I have you can get
what you are looking for... If not, I tried
to help somewhat..... If I were going to
play a version of it I would base it with what
I have just given and go from there......
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