well the insparation came because i have a broken arm and also just tottaly emptied out my bank into a new guitar, not the best I ever wrote but figured I'd post.(the letter B is beautiful ain't it?)

Bone Broke, Broken Bone Blues
My banks as Broken as my bones,
When you ain't got no money,
you get the, bone broke blues.

Got a visit from, the banker,
Says hes gunna, take the shirt right off my back!
Got a visit from the banker!
Says hes Gunna steal my shoes.
So, I said Hey Mr. Banker,
You can't Never have my blues.

Got the Broken Bones, Bone Broke Blues,
Bones As Broken as my bank
when you start talkin' to the Reaper,
You get the Broke Bone Blues!

Got a vist from the nurse,
Says shes gunna take my arm,
Got a visit from the nurse, (she) said
Don't Gamble with your life!
But I said Mrs. Nurse
you can't never have my blues!

Yah, My bones are as broke as my bank,
i got the bone broke, broken bones blues.
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