Can anyone recommend to me any volume pedals? I'm looking for the cheapest possible that can handle guitar and bass (is there a difference?), without quality loss, of course. Durability. It needs that too.

I thought I saw one once for $15 in a city my dad lives in, but I didn't believe that it even worked for that price.
I've only ever seen one before, and it didn't have a make on it :S It didn't impress me though so I'll say avoid any that don't specify a make lol

Other than that, I'm afraid I can't help, but I could do with a volume pedal too.

You could try using an EQ pedal or a Distortion pedal if you just want your solo's to be louder, and use the volume knob on your guitar to do violining. Although, this probably won't give the same effect that you want so I'll shut up now.
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Thanks @ Tona, I'll look into the EB.

@Metal, I don't really solo, I'm more for rhythm. The reason I need a volume pedal is because my hands aren't free- so using the volume knob with one hand is all I can do when I'm not doing something complex. I already have an overdrive (Boss OD-3) for louder/ light distortion =D

No need spending 100 dollers. This'll last you forever for under 50 bucks. One of my better gear investments.
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