I am a new guitarist and have been looking at a few guitars that have Floyd Rose Tremolos. I am hesitant on buying any guitar with a floyd rose due to the difficulity in both changing the strings and alternate tunings. I'm unsure of when to use the regular headstock tuners and when to use the fine tuners. Also I heard to do alternate tunings such as Drop D you have to adjust the strings in the back.
if you're a new guitarist: no

and you usually have to spend at least $700 on a guitar to even get a decent useable Floyd Rose, which is probably out of the price range for someone who just started guitar
i have a floyd rose and i love it. i rarely have to retune it in the middle of a gig and as for drop D, i dont lock up the low e string so i can easily change back and forth. only problem though is string changes. if you do end up getting one u should learn to change the strings yourself early on or it will cost u. once you get the hang of it it becomes fairly easy. so yeah, i say get one.
I am also fairly new at playing guitar and my first experience with the floyd was on a Jackson and the experience was not very good. I didn't know you had to change strings 1 at a time or it will be very very hard to get back in tune and level. So when I went to change strings I took them all off and I could never get it back the right way. I sold that guitar a short time after that. I then bought a strat and I hated that it wouldn't dive and rise like the jackson would. It also wouldn't stay in tune when I did use the tremolo, so I sold it and got an Ibanez RG350 that has guess what another Floyd on it. The point of all this is that if you study up on the Floyd (i.e. youtube, etc.) you will love it especially is you wanna play rock or metal. Because a regular tremolo just doesn't do it like a Floyd.
Floyd Roses aren't that nasty tbh. So long as you block the tremolo from falling into the body when you change strings, it should be all good.

You use the headstock tuners to approximately tune it with the locks undone, then lock it (this changes the tension in the strings, so detunes them a bit) and use the fine tuners to put it back in tune.

Price-wise, they're not horrible if you know where you're looking: I got mine from eBay for £115 with postage (around $230?), and it's great. Barely ever needs retuning, got excellent (Irongear) pickups on it (HSH setup), and it's capable of a considerable variety of tones due to the single coil in there. Took a bit of experimentation with the spring tension to get it working well, but nothing massively time-consuming.

However, I do concur about changing the tuning significantly- takes a lot longer than with a non-floating/tremolo-less guitar. I keep to standard for the most part though, so it's not an issue for me.

Sorry for the wall of text...
Thanks for all the fast responses. I think I'm going to avoid the Floyd Rose for my first guitar as it seems to be more trouble then its worth to me.