Hey people,

I've got an issue with an Electro-Harmonix Octave Multiplexer pedal.. I think it's pretty obvious that something is wrong with it, but I'm wondering whether anyone else has had something similar? or knows what's wrong? maybe if it's fixable?

Here is a quick sound clip of what it sounds like: http://www.tapaculo.com/octaveproblem.mp3

The first few seconds is the dry signal, and then the signal with the pedal engaged. I then turn up the blend knob and the others to make it more noticable half way through.

Cheers for any help or ideas
thats just the tracking not being perfect (it can't tell which octave the note is in....as when you play a note on guitar you've got the fundamental and a bunch of harmonics)

one of the quirks of all analog octave down pedals

my MXR Blue Box track pretty well if I use the neck pickup and lower the tone control more or less all the way down... If I just use the bridge pickup normally, then I get random crazy octave fuzzness
I see, so it's "normal".. but is likely to vary between different units of the same model? because mine seems to do it a lot. In fact, I don't remember it doing it so much before.. which is why I was wondering whether something had slowly failed over time, why that might be the case otherwise is unsure.. because the rest of my setup has remained constant.

It also does the same on my neck pickup (that recording was with the bridge), but I will try the guitar tone control and see what it does when that's turned down.

From what you said I assume digital octave pedals don't have the same issue?