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2nd grade

a plastic recorder.... it was beige

and I still can't play the thing
Probably a French Horn.

How Rock n Roll, eh?
I'm looking to buy an Epi Valve Standard. If you've got one up for grabs in the Uk, PM me and let me know.
A Playskool (I think) xylophone when I was like 2. It had a mallet attached to a string, and a handle and wheels and everything. Badass.
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A Grand Piano. I only know ho to play two songs. Vasoline by STP, and Superhuman by VR.

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My first was my Charvel mutt. No idea of the model, but the color was a Yellow/Black crackle.

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I started taking piano lessons when I was about four, so it was the piano.
well i played piano for 6 or 7 years (classical) and then started playing guitar, which i've now been playing for about 4 years (taken lessons for a year)
Drums, acually then Guitar, and now i play both, and i can play a little bass(from my guitar playing abillity) also, and i am starting to learn keyboard
A tiny, cheap acoustic I bought at a swap meet in Hawaii when i was 11. I took lessons on that sucker for years... It was such garbage....

The best day of my life was when my mom took me to get my first electric guitar.
A red Ibanez GAX50. I still have and play it. It was given to me by my best friend when he got an American Standard Strat...
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2nd grade

a plastic recorder.... it was beige

and I still can't play the thing

Same here.
All I ever learned was Hot cross buns and some native american chant song.
Except it was 3rd grade and black for me.
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Except it was 3rd grade and black for me.

hmm, does it being black at least make it \m/etal?
A Casio keyboard from many many years ago. I got it when I was about 5, its so long ago, its hard to remember. I still have the damn thing somewhere around here.
black plastic recorder in like 2nd grade, then guitar when i was 15
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my dad's friend gave me his old guitar for my 8th birthday, i dont know what name was on the headstock, and the bridge was beginning to break it already had a huge crack in it, but it was holding. Thats what got me into guitar, too bad i would've loved having my first instrument again, no matter what condition it was in, i think my dad threw it out because he was afraid of the bridge snapping and hitting me in the face.
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1st instrument I made noise with was a piano; my mum's grade 7 at it.

1st instrument I actually learnt was also piano, I got to grade 2 before getting pissed off with playing depthless nursery rhymes. Then I got an acoustic guitar, didn't get far with that... Got an electric shortly after, never looked back on it since. I even play my acoustic quite a bit now.
My brother's piano, when I was 6 or so. But my first instrument was a crappy classical guitar my parents bought me when I was 8.
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An acoustic guitar.
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2nd grade

a plastic recorder.... it was beige

and I still can't play the thing

SAme cept in 4th grade
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4th grade - plastic recorder(Red hah i got all u guys beat)
5th grade - clarinet. i hated it, i couldnt play it. i faked playin it in band class.
then i got a yamaha keyboard
and at 20 i picked up an electric guitar at my buddys house, asked him to teach me a little, and i've been hooked since.
im 21 now
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A little drum...I forget the brand...some baby/toddler toy company...
my Dad's old keyboard
Dad's old Sax
School trumpet (rented)
baught a used trumpet
new keyboard
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Yamaha Acoustic F325 I think
and coming sometime around Christmas (hope to have the money then), a Gibson Les Paul Studio...EEEK
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well if u count renting i had a tenor sax. i played it for six months but my teacher was an asshole and my playing scared my dog so i gave up..
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Violin, started in fourth grade, I did it for 5 years, got bored and picked up a guitar....never touched my violin again.
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4th grade - plastic recorder(Red hah i got all u guys beat)

Was it clear red? (Like acrylic... but plastic)

If not I have you beat (Yeah in 4th grade too...)
the VERY FIRST one i got was a harmonica hahaha. it cost like a penny.
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Hey UG Community!

So I was wondering...

What is the first instrument you ever received or purchased?

What was the Make/ Model/ Color? Who presented it to you? Where was it purchased? Is there a story behind it?

Thanks for sharing!

i was given a harmonica for some reason. i never really learned how to play it. although i tried to pretend that i knew what i was doing lol. i kinda can play it now though.
Well I did the mandatory elementary school recorder deal. After that, clarinet, saxophone, piano, and now guitar. At some point in my childhood I owned a harmonica but I didn't know how to play anything on it.
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Well I did the mandatory elementary school recorder deal. After that, clarinet, saxophone, piano, and now guitar. At some point in my childhood I owned a harmonica but I didn't know how to play anything on it.

very kewl...what was your favorite to play? or are you happy with guitar now?
my first instrument was a recorder,but i count my first real instrument to be my first guitar. mostly because i was and still am completely interested in the guitar. it was a $227 blue yamaha pacifica. i begged my mom for 6 months for a guitar and i finally got it in august two years ago. it's sort of my anniversary of when i started playing guitar and i'm amazed at how much better i've gotten over these past 2 years. if it wasn't for my friends i wouldn't be playing guitar, but i've surpassed them because they've seemed to have lost interest in exchange for money
Oh god, I'm sure there were toys and stuff but my first REAL instrument was my trombone. It's a reynolds model, made in the late '50s. Standard brass/gold w/e color. My dad gave it too me, I still play it in the marching band and pep band at my school

Unfortunately though the slide was bent somehow (It was my fault) so it's in the repair shop and I'm using a friends newer one... And it's a nice one too, but it sounds like **** compared to mine even though it's beat up. They just don't make them as well now I guess.
first instrument i owned was my uncle's old Aria bass that i stole from my grandparent's basement. its a piece of crap. still have it

first thing i played was piano though
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