i need a tube amp and dont have sh%# loads of money i was looking for metal tone and have played through a creat blue vodoo, peavey valve king, and widsor at a local music store all 3 seems to be good but im looking for a good giging amp some thing thats good for metal but can pull off a lot of tones that my band would need, like jazzy cleans , bluesy tones. i also would like to build up the ol pedal board i know use a noise suppreser, chorus and tube screammer but would like to get tons of more effects like octave, delay, reverb,wah, and any thing else that i could apply.
but any one who can help me to find a good tube head that doesnt break the bank
i've read good things about b-52 amps, and people seem to like bugera as well. i'll suggest looking at used amps, mainly because i bought all three of my amps used, and it's a great way to get good gear for a lower price
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My personal opinion is that unless you have over $1500 to spend on a half stack, a combo is a better option.
A cheap tube head doesn't exist, that's about like looking for a skinny fat girl. Some are less expensive but far from cheap.
Tube head and pedalboard... why not get a preamp with effects like a rocktron, it's affordable and nice for gigging.
Yea cheap, tube, and head unit dont really go in the same sentence. If it is cheap it is either not made well or has very few frills. The windsor isnt that expensive but is pretty limited on what it does well. So youre gonna need more money or a look for a smaller amp.