My band is a two piece consisting of bass and guitar, and we really need a drummer soon. We have tried out several drummers, and none of them had the right sound. we are a math rock/prog/noise/indie band in Alhambra, California (Alhambra is part of Los Angeles county).we are both 16 and 17 years old, but honestly we look like were 20 something. we are not ignorant musicians, nor are we uneducated in musical theory and we know how to write songs. I (Jesse-guitar) have been playing guitar for 5 years, as well as saxophone for 8 years,i have studied musical theory and i play sax in a jazz band, so i know how things should be flowing. Julian my bassist, has been playing for 6 years and knows enough,haha. We have been a band for about 2 months, although we have been playing with each other since we started playing our respective instruments. we have no recordings of our songs yet, seeing as we dont have a drummer, but just trust us on this one and try out anyways. If you want to know what we sound like, honestly, just search up Tera Melos, since thats the only thing i can think of of what we sound like.
we are looking for a drummer who:
- is good at odd time signatures

-can change up songs in a live setting for a bit of variation

-knows how to shred without using a double bass pedal ( you dont need to be zach hill, but if your that good, even better)

-must have his or her own set, (at least something decent, not a beginners set) we just need someone with a 4 piece really

-is good at improv

-is from the ages of 16 to 25

-can make the commute between your house and the practice spot

-can take about a couple hours of your own time on friday and/or saturday nights to play shows

-has more than 2 years experience (if you think this doesnt matter because your skill doesnt seem like it only took 2 years to achieve then go ahead and contact us)

-is willing to make this committment, and practice at least 3 times a week.

-is a fast learner and does not easily forgot his or her own parts

-if in school still, is not a horrible student that gets in trouble all the time, because that would interfere with practice and other band related activity

-does not sell drugs ( i only state things like this due to past experiences)or any other sort of legal paraphinilia

************************* stuff that is not required, but would be really helpful if so:

- can read music

-is well educated on musical theory, ( or knows a decent amount)

-likes Tera Melos,hella, piglet, upsilon acrux, the mars volta, sleeping people, planets, bad dudes, the fall of troy(though not so much as the rest), king crimson, marnie stern, or maps and atlases ( these are all bands we sound like, with Tera Melos being the sound we have the most for some reason. our favorite band ever though, so thats probably why)

-knows how to give an "eccentric" performance and not mess up ( i mean go nuts live)

-and does not live several hours away from us :[

you can contact me either on myspace at www.myspace.com/expiredingoreville789 , if you have AIM, IM me at Hrdcrxkid64, call my cell phone ( i dont want any prank calls!!) at 626-230-0112, or contact my UG account, although cell phone, AIM, and myspace are the most preferred.

Thanks for your time, i'm looking forward to any responses.
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