I almost have my perfect rig, only one thing is missing, a delay pedal. I'm not much of a knob turner, so i'm looking for a pedal with "tap tempo." So i'm reaching out for suggestions as to the pedal i should invest in. I'm on a tight budget and i don't have much patience for figuring out complicated pedals, i'm hoping to find a pedal that fits both criterea.

this is my current rig (from guitar to amp):

Schecter C-1 Plus w/ duncan jazz and distortion hums

Dunlop Crybaby w/ Fasel inductor

MXR Phase 90

Boss Chorus/ensemble

B-52 AT- 100 Head (BBE sonic maximizer in fx loop)

Basson Sound 4x12
memory man deluxe, or SIB! echodrive

Standard Epiphone LP W/Dimarzio Super 2's
1973 Ampeg VT-22

Fulltone Clyde
Ernie Ball VP Jr
Boss tu-2
Boss sd-1
Ehx Little Big Muff
Fulltone Ultimate Octave
Boss eq-7
Ehx Memory Man
Digitech Delay X-series
Ehx Holy Grail
Digitech Digidelay is more or less the winner out of the cheap pedals with tap tempo
Line 6's Echo Park is a great piece of kit, the one thing I don't like about the DD-6 (I don't know much about the DD-3..) is that you have to hold it down for 2 seconds to get tap tempo input.. the echo park has a 2-way switch to do both seperately, works wonders!
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well, it doesn't have tap tempo, but it is GREAT nonetheless. I highly recommend the MXR Carbon Copy delay. Amazing. 3 knobs, speed, mix and repeats. very simple, but a little bit expensive.
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i've looked at the echo park and it looks good except for one thing I don't know how to turn the damn thing off. I don't want it on all the time, so if any one could help me with that, it would help me make my decision
I really like my Digitech Digidelay, but I don't use tap tempo much at all.
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You tap the echo park lightly to set the tempo, and press hard to turn it on/off