Okay just post the story/history of your band, how it was created and how things work: Here's mine:

I had already formed a band but it fell apart as of day 4, anyway a good friend of mine who had been playing guitar over a year and was starting to speacialise in rhythm asked me if we should make a band one day before the school spring-break, we straight away made our myspace and started throwing around some ideas, nex we needed more members so I asked a friend of mine who I didn't hang out with too often (different schools) if he wantes to be our drummer, he said that he couldn't right away because he was passing his A levels (he's older than me), so we waited until he could, he's now our drumer, everything went well, we had about 4-5 practices all together and 20 practices with me and the other guitarist until summer holidays came. everyone was out of town and I find out that a friend of mine plays piano and want's to join the band we have 3-5 practice sessions together and he joins, we are currently seeing who would sing in the band.

how songwriting works: Me and rhythm guitarist write a song, we then get together with the piano/keyboard bass player and we work out the bass or piano lines and then give it all to the drumer, in the end we make vocals.

post your stories here.
we started out as a 4 piece (guitar, drums, bass, piano.)
we went through a few different bassists, and then finally widdled it down to me (guitar) and the drummer.
i loop lots of stuff with my gutiar/keyboard, and he plays drums/keyboard.
we may be getting a bassist soon, though. (hopefully)

how we write: we just jam with song ideas, and gradually get louder and louder until our stomaches churn, then we end with a noise/feedback session.
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I don't recall seeing another thread like this.

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I thought I'd make a new thread about this, a fresh one.
Well, I was drafted in after the band's bassist left. I get told constantly that I have "upped the game as far as musicianship is concerned." Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Anyways, we keep churning out decent songs, but still don't have a name, so people instantly think we suck Although we often have people sitting on the grass outside our practice area listening to us practice. Trying to get a gig at our SU during Fresher's Week.
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Started band with mates, was crap, started another band with guitarist, got drummer.

Bassist joined soon after

Became covers band, was crap.

Became originals band, was crap.

Guitarist quit.

Drummer became guitarist, new drummer recruited.

became REALLY good. Started playing at local festivals.

Last Saturday, guitarist diagnosed with Lung Cancer.

Well one day my friends came over to smoke some ganja, the usual. Then like I normally do I picked up my axe and started playing some stuff. Then one my friends realized that there was a guitarist, a drummer, and a bassist in the same room and popped the question, "Dude, we could totally make a band!"

Yeah, were just a bunch of stoners who play music together
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I thought I'd make a new thread about this, a fresh one.

Right you are then, sorry bout being a douche
"If God exists, there's no way he is French" - Andrea Pirlo

Well I co-formed a band last year, we played our first gig, split up, and just two weeks ago I re-formed with the guitarist and the drummer from the old band, and now they are into metal-core type stuff.
I personally don't like it as much, but its nice to play in a band.

Anyway, our first and only practice so far consisted of a half hour of song writing, and the next 4-5 hours consisted of making a band logo and a band name.


The lead guitarist (who should actually play rhythm, cuz thats all he can do) thinks playing random notes is good soloing.
The drummer isnt actually bad and he has some potential, but all he can think about when we play is what will people think and "oh we're not good enough", and complains constantly because he can't play double bass.

I might quit in a few days.

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me and my friends got together, picked up instruments and started playing at the musicians talk forum.