So I put these Ernie Ball "Power Slinky" strings on my electric last week. I'd never tried out Ernie Ball up till now. And today I was tuning the guitar down two steps because I was gonna play some Arch Enemy. As soon as the first string gets into tune with C it ****ing snaps! I'd checked before hand and made sure all the strings were resting in the nut properly....which they were. However, I did notice when I put them on that they seemed rather short in length. These Power Slinkys just had barely enough length to tune even to standard tuning. Is that part of the problem or what? I think I'll go back to Elixir Strings lol.
Sounds like you did something wrong. I bet it didn't even snap. I bet they were short because you trimmed the edge too short or didn't crimp it at a 90 degree angle, causing it slip out. Sounds like you need to try again with a new pack as you cut these short. I've done it before and heard of it, and your symptoms fit the bill.
Yeah, it sounds like you're cutting them too short. BUT, if that isn't the problem, check your saddle/bridge. A burr maybe?
don't you cut the strings after you put them on?
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