ok so my birthday is coming up, on the 27th and im getting a guitar, ive already been playing for about a year and my parents aren't ganna spend over 150 bucks on the guitar because im 13, and as a thirtreen year old they think your going to give up on the hobby of guitar, (understandable)
so im looking for a off-brand or a cheap guitar that is of decent quality and sound
so far i have looked into
switch guitars (the innova signature 4 series)
squire guitars (strat style)
and a few off-brand Les pauls anyone know what else or where else should look?
thanks for the help, its appreciated....
get a squire use good strings and upgrade the pups when you get the cash
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Switch = Tone duds. Avoid them at all costs. Neat concept, nice playing, but the ones I tried were just as sterile as could be.

Squier = Nice guitars if you buy the higher end ones (ie around $200) but the quality of the Affinities is not the greatest. The new Squier bullets seem cool, but I haven't played one.

Ibanez = Awful QC. Avoid

Jackson = Weak pickups, but the actual guitars are nice if a bit pricey

ESP LTD = Heard lots of good things, nice for the money guitars.

Remember anything in that range is going to be hit or miss. Do you even have an amp to play it through? What do you have now? Chances are it's not going to be an upgrade and you'll just be wanting more next year.
No no no no, trash the squier & get a yamaha, almost same price but a big up in quality !
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right now i have a dean vendetta xm :/
and i have a ibanez amp, alongside my xm i have a epiphone les paul junior :P
if you need to know i also have a digitech grunge pedal, and i also have a epiphone 15 watt studio amp...
i was also thinking of, taking my vendetta and finding some decent and cheap pickups that are good and throwing them on it...getting a pickguard for it and bassicly making it my own version of the vendetta...
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You probably cannot get a better um... "metal" guitar than you already have for $150.