So i spent £450 on a Laney TT20, and £130 on a Blackstar HT Dual pure valve distortion pedal.

I play metal music in my band. And do alot of solo work playing anything NeoClassical and shred.

Did i do the right thing? I haven't had the chance to play either of them yet but the reviews for them are good, but would they work together? Will i be able to get a decent metal tone out of these?
Well it could be a bit late now as you have ordered them. Without trying them first I don't think you did the right thing. I can understand to go to a resturant and try something new as that could open your eyes to different food that you may like and at then end of the night you have had a new experience. When it comes to something you buy like guitars, amps and pedals or hifi or anything else you could be stuck with for a while if you can try it then you should.
I wouldn't have bought the pedal to be honest - you've got no way of knowing what stomps you'll need until you've had a good play with the amp and I've a feeling you may have wasted your money there.

Nothing wrong with the amp though, great choice.
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^ agreed. I haven't tried the tt20, but the tt100 head is really nice.
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Looks pretty solid at least.
You may need to play around - as you haven't played them - to ensure you get your sound.
But if I had that gear I'd pretty happy.

EDIT: the HT pedals are only £100 tops normally.
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