i have a few questons about making a custom dean vendetta electric guitar, i already have the guitar i am just thinking up upgrading the pickups and suck

is it possible to change a string-thru body guitar and change it to a bridge thru?

is it possible to find a pickguard with the same knob holes and HH style cut-outs?

is it possible to find 2 cheap seymour duncan pickups that get alot of gain?

it is possible to afford all of this on a 150$ budget

thanks for the help, its appreciated
yes, with body routing
maybe, look around, or buy a blank pickguard and drill the holes yourself
look at GFS for cheap pickups, or buy used
maybe, though if you don't already have the tools to route the body for bridge through, probably not.
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Which model of the Vendetta do you have?

1. Not without installing posts for the bridge to be on.

2. Depends on the model of the vendetta...

3. Probably don't want to go with SD if you want cheap and also what amp are you using?

4. Probably not.
bridge thru? like a trem?
probably, though some work will be required. The job can easily add up at a couple of hundred $

pickguard: you can easily get one cut up out of blank material. I think warmoth will copy your pickguard if you send it to them (or just send them a tracing of it)

pickups: maybe, look around used? a general seymour duncan or dimazion pickup is about $70 new

that budget is a bit tight. Might be able to cover the pickups and pickguard.
if you go with duncan designed or duncan performer pups you could stay under your $150 budget
it is a dean vendetta xm guitar..

the am is a ibanex TBX30R tone blaster xtreme guitar combo-amp
If you have one of the low end Dean Vendettas, save your money for a better guitar. If you are okay with the guitar but want a better sound, save for a better amp.
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instead of seymour duncan who should i go with for cheap and good distortion pickups?
get Bill Lawrence P/U. they are half the price Of EMGs, Seymour Duncans and Dimarzios. the XL500s are the same bridge P/U Dimebag used.

EDIT: http://www.billlawrenceonlinestore.com/
you can buy them here
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I wouldn't waste your money on those upgrades then. There are things that could help your guitar, but the things you listed are a waste to do on a $100 guitar.

Put that money away towards a new amp instead.
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^^That isn't the real Bill Lawrence site.

i know, but you can buy them there, and thats what i said.
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Lolz that guy is a noob.

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