lol i passed it the first time. no worries. you will do fine.
don't listen to your siblings when they tell you it's easy and you don't need to read the book, or you'll fail.
I think it's a universal fail in all states if you get 6-7 or more wrong.
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I failed the first time because my teacher told me the wrong answer to a specific question.
Honestly it was so easy in Minnesota that if you fail it you don't deserve to drive.
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I think it's a universal fail in all states if you get 6-7 or more wrong.

one of my friends took the class with me.
he missed 33.
and still passed.
are you talking about the license or the permit?
read the book, thats all i have to say. idk how they do it in PA, in Fl they have two parts, a signs test and road test. Signs were easy, roads were random questions that one might only know by reading the book.
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Honestly it was so easy in Minnesota that if you fail it you don't deserve to drive.

I get my license in one month.
I failed my first permit test as explained earlier.
I'm a damn good driver.
I live in Minnesota.
Texas was brutal. Youhad to memorize a lot of numbers like:

How far must you park from a fire hydrant?
What is the stopping distance for a sedan traveling at 65 mph?
How many inches away can you park from a curb?

Stuff that really nobody knows and doesn't affect your driving abilities.

Permit tests aren't really designed to test your knowledge of driving, but your maturity and commitment to learning.
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Really easy. I passed the first time and didn't study.
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you could pass it when you're 10 from knowledge you've gained watching cartoons...

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The permit test is laughably easy. Mine had three different questions asking what a stop sign was. The class they make you go to is pretty much a waste of time. The best part of it was there was this girl there who kept sitting on my lap.
I never even got a book. It was ridiculously easy anyways. I think I missed two questions on one part of it.
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I JUST passed, if I got 1 more wrong I woulda failed.
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read the violations section and u will pass.


My whole test was filled with questions like "If you have x percent of alcohol in your body, and your going 10 miles over the speed limit, how much will the fine be?"

Needless to say, I failed miserably.
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ridiculously easy, if you fail it, you're probably retarded.
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For the most part it's common sense but you just need to read the manual. You just need to be ready cause sometimes there'll be questions on it that seem like they should be really obvious but you just don't know the answer.
All my friends failed 2 times. I got it the first try. All I did was take a practice test online a few times and read a few pages in the book and that was it. Funny thing was, all but 2 questions on that practice test were on the real test.
Tbh everyone said it was sooooo easy so I just like, skimmed over the book. I /barely/ passed, I missed 5 and the most you can miss is 6.

That said, the test isn't hard if you study. If you don't study, then you won't know most of the answers. Some are obvious but others not so much. (kansas btw)
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ehh, if I woulda missed 1 more question I would have failed, but it wasn't too bad. My test was only 25 questions... just skim the book and you'll be fine. (i really just looked at it, never read it)

Arkansas by the way
the first time i took it(i live in PA) i failed b/c i thought i knew enough w/o studing the book.
you should defiantly study and the book thoroughly its not as easy as you think. but its relitively easy though. I got a question that said to identify this sign(it was a stop sign) i got that twice. so i depends on what test you get.
EDIT: you can only miss 3 and i missed 4 on the first try. second try i passed.
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I live in PA and just took the test a few months ago. Its mostly common sense questions. I didnt study at all and only missed like 2 questions
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let me put it this way:
if you fail, i will fly to wherever you live and beat you with a large black dildo
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You don't need to study. Like, at all. It's all so backwards. Nobody ever taught me what a 3-point turn is. But, if I'm ever in an emergency situation where I need to do a fancy trick while driving through orange ****ing traffic cones in a parking lot, I'm all set.

Seriously. What was THAT all about?
I live in Washington state so i'm not sure :p

but.. if you study the handbook you will be fine. First time I took the test I didn't study at all and I failed, then I went and studied the whole book a lot and then I passed