I play all chords well power chords with my index and pinky finger is this wrong or is it like most things guitar related and down to preference?

Just thought i would ask as i have no control over my other finger (next to my pinky).

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its all prefrence dude
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I do that too. Doesn't affect me, but unlike you, I do have control with my ring finger, so I can shift according to what chord (lol) needs a strummin'.

It's all preference, though.
I used to do it with my ring finger then I suddenly started to use the pinky and haven't looked back

oh and I think slash does it as well so I don't think you have anything to worry about
i do to you just wanna make sure your able to get two strings with your pinky which can be hard at first i think it makes it easier to move around and across strings with pinky but its just pref dude
it's generally more relaxed which is a good thing. learn to do both, it's not hard.
Doesn't Kirk Hammett do that?
I use my Pointer and Ring Fingers tho.
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Thanks for clearing it up i just wanted to make sure, i usually find the wrong way of doing something and i am practising with my ring finger too its just i am alot better with "teh hornz!".

UG Mods really have no sense of humour.....

That way is easier to play power chords standing up.
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I do it with my pointer and middle finger personaly so i have room for switching between chords n' such.
Its all preferance man.
If you feel more comfurtable that way it will be best to stick with it.
Thats why I do, my guitar teacher tried to fix me, but I didn't let him.
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I never play just a simple root-fifth dyad. I ALWAYS throw in the octave, and a lot of the time I'll make it a barre chord.