I was just wondering because I was considering getting a 90w Behringer for my first amp and I saw on this post that people say they are really bad.
Because they have bad tone and break too quickly
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The FAQ gives a pretty honest account of Behringer, as Nutter said. Poor reliability, shady business practices, tone about as lively as roadkill. If you buy a Behringer, expect to have to buy another amp not far down the line. While they're cheaper than most of their competitors, they aren't so cheap that you don't mind buying it twice.

Recommend going with a more respected brand that you can rely on to last long enough to justify the price you pay.
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They are incredibly poorly constructed they go to hell in a few months, they sound like a colossal fart when you turn the volume up past 1. I am telling you, I have learned from my mistake and must tell you, NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER buy a behringer. Ever.
Behringers sound like balls being squished by cinder blocks.

If you try to get them to FIX anything under the warranty, you will enter the living hell know as Behringer repair / return division.