doe's anyone know how to accomplish slash's distortion without any pedals, i'm running a les paul through a marshall vintage modern
Well slash didnt use any pedals so... its pretty much all the amp. Just **** with the eq and maybe get some SD alnico pro II pickups. Even slash cant recreate the sound he got on the appetite album so dont hope to ever get very close to that sound.
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I'm pretty certain that he use wah-wah in some places but i don't know if he uses any other pedals maybe someone else can help you better but is not certain how Slash makes that "fiery blues"(as I've heard it called before) sound. sorry
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Its pretty difficult due to you having a vintage modern!
The body and detail controls have to be dialled in perfectly as they act (almost) as seperate gain controls, so you have to set them before you can eq..
but i'd love to know what settings is great for a VM Marshall!

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Presence: 7, Bass: 7, Mid: 4.5, Treble: 7, Output Master: 6, Lead Master: 10, Input Gain: 6.5

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on this website, i was reading down by amps, what do they mean he used a "lead master" foot switch that he used to switch between lead and rhythm
does any body know what the body and detail settings slash uses
The VM will be a great amp to get the Slash tone. The key is, not too much of anything, especially gain. The Jubilee or 2555SL (essentially the same amps) are really the best amps for this, but the VM will do just fine.
Neck pickup for most of his leads, with the tone knob rolled back.
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Slash doesn't use pedals - nor does he use 'distortion'. He overdrives his amp, it's a different sound to 'distortion'.

Slash's overdrive comes entirely from his amp. Many people will comment on his pickups - but actually the only reason he has the pickups he has was because they were the lowest output pickups he could find at the time (i.e. they don't provide any additional amp overdrive). Basically Slash's overdrive is made by his amp's pregain jacked up to around 60% maximum, and then it is controlled on and off by a second person (yes, really). There is no other secret to it, there is no other way to truly do it; get a tube amp head, preferably a Marshall (or Orange, which are almost the same as Marshalls in terms of sound), hook it to the largest speaker you can find (Slash seems to prefer one or two larger speakers over several smaller ones), and crank the pre-gain. That's it.
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