hey. i burnt my finger last night and forgot about it til now and i have to play on sunday and i ll be using that figner a lot and would rather not be grimacing in the middle of a song (yess im a whimp-say it) anyways, would there be any tape i could use that wouldn't affect my playing very much? like bandage tape? thanks...

I've heard that SRV used to super glue his fingers when they'd start to tear.

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get something to numb it crap i forgot wat the stuff is called

that would effect his playing though. if I couldn't feel the string that would mess me up.
it would affect her playing...

i was afraid to do anything cause it probably wouldne do anything and make it worse... i have all saturday ill manage its only 4 songs anyways
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THIS, no other explanation gives a much more concise answer.
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Thank you Jesusaurus.
Stevie tuned his whole guitar down a half step to lessen the pressure... thats STILL a big-ass e.

USE THE SUPERGLUE! it fixes everything, and hey, throw in some duct tape while your at it.
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Id go with the superglue. You could try to numb it with ice, i guess, but i doubt that would work.
Just a little dab of superglue on the end of the finger would do the trick. and dont play when its still wet, that would be quite bad.
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ice and painkillers might work will probably be needed, as must of the pain from burns in pressure on the burnt skin. Also have a few drinks, that would help. Or go full-on keith richards and shoot up before playing
SRV didn't use JUST superglue btw, he'd put superglue on his fingertips, and put his fingertips on his shoulder and PULL. But you admit to being a wimp, so I doubt you will try that.
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go full-on keith richards and shoot up before playing




Or smoke some weed before going on!
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