So I've finally earned enough money to get a new amp and was thinking of going with a mesa stiletto ace. I've played this amp many times and I'm fairly sure it will be the one I'll buy, but I was wondering if anyone had any amps that they would recommend instead. I play a lot of hard rock/metal but I also really like blues, funk, and some classical. Although I mainly play metal at the moment I really want an amp that can perform any genre of music proficiently. I was also thinking that 1700 USD would be my limit for spending.

EDIT: My current gear is an Ibanez S540 and LTD EC1000. The Ibanez has stock pickups and the LTD has dual EMG 81s. I also have an EHX Metal Muff pedal.
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I played the Stiletto down at Music Center (local shop) a couple years ago, maybe less. I thought the amp was weird, dialing in tones and what not. I was just playing it because it was Mesa. When I turned up the knob that said 'volume' nothing happened. And I kept fiddling around with knobs. Finally the employee comes over and he says, 'You're on this channel, not that one.' I'm thinking to myself, well what the eff. This was also at a time where I'd never had played an amp that wasn't solid-state.

My knowledge of amps has grown exponentially and if they had one again at the shop, I'd be reluctant to try one out again. I've heard that the amp is very versatile, not so much as a Mark IV, but that has an additional EQ as well as the already onboard EQ. I also have an EQ pedal so it's not really that big of a deal, but play on it and get a real good feel, man.

Also, look into Stilleto Deuce, 2 channels, yeah, but has even more options for versatility.

Good luck, man.
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Check in to a used Mesa Mark IV as well. Loads of versitility, but you'll twique it until you die because every five minutes your tonal preference will change slightly.
Thanks guys. I was also wondering the differentces between a stack and a combo. As in which is better. I play gigs somewhat regularly and they tend to be at fairly large places (gymnasiums and clubs). Also a slightly noobish question but is it possible to get a versatile amp that you don't need to spend hours of knob turning to get an ideal tone?

EDIT: Does anyone know of any serious flaws in the Stiletto Ace?
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