I just got a Jackson dxmg a couple days ago and it has a floyd rose on it and i want to tune it from standard to down a whole step and or drop C so can any one guide me through that whole process
Okay I'm not the best at this but I've seen it done before. First, you want to put something long and flat underneath of the tremolo(I've seen a spoon used). This will hold it up from the guitar. Next, loosen the locking nut and tune as you want. Then tighten the locking nut. You're going to have to adjust the springs because the strings are going to have less tension tuned down like that. Loosen the spring until the tremolo barely starts to lift off of the spoon. Then take out the spoon and use the fine tuners to get the set up just right. There's a bunch of tutorials on youtube on how to do this so if I didn't help, check those out. Good Luck
thanks that helped a lot and i was told since im tuning lower i should get bigger strings like 11's, is that true?
apparently, yes. because you will reduce the tension, light strings would get floppy for drop tuning.
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