Well, I just got back from Sam Ash to pick up a set of strings, and I was itching to try a few Strats I had in mind. Keep in mind I already have a MIM that I love to death, but I'm looking for a American to tag along with it. So the store was closing in 15 minutes and I only was able to try one. I tried out a Fender American Deluxe Strat (Sunburst, Maple Neck) and honestly didn't care for it at all. I guess I'm a Rosewood kind of guy.

So I'm looking into a few other strats, preferably under the $1700 price range, and was wondering if you all had any suggestions. My style is Blues & Jazz, mostly John Mayer kind of style, but I do play SRV alot as well. I'd like to have a semi-versatile Strat, that just has a unique vintage vibe to it as well.

If you could help me out at all, that would be awesome.


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honestly i have an american deluxe and i love it. but i have the rosewood sunburst so if you try one of those maybe you'll like it? mine i sprob one of the most versatile guitars i have ever played

if not i would get the american vintage 62 strat
id kill for one

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.