Alright heres my problem

Overview: First guitar, First act me508 broke while at friends house, it was dropped from a height of 2 feet on accident entire control cavities fell off!, second guitar is a 150 washburn x10 that has frets worn in on it, its the only working elec i have, third guitar was a dean mlxm, just a terrible guitar it sounded good in the store but i was a noob(plugged into a mesa)so i never use it and its broken, all i am asking for is a another washburn x10 wich is only 170$,

My mother thinks what i have is fine for what i am playing, but it is so hard to progress on this guitar due to the condition it is in, plus the guitar means a lot to me too, All of my best friends from school signed it before i left middleschool the guitar is about two and a half years old, so i just want to keep it how it is. I wil be having my mother read your guys responses so please help

(i also perform with a band)

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What type of stuff do you play?

What's your price limit?

i want the washburn its perfect for what i play, i just need to prove to my mother that i need a new one
Agile ps 900
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all running through podfarm platinum XD
well clearly you need a guitar that suits you to progresss.
when i got my '56 relic(in my sig) it made me a so much better player.
so yea if you think your gonna progress a lot that i defiantly recommend getting the guitar that suits you.
also i recommend play before you buy(i would never buy a guitar off the internet)
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After looking at it, the X10 isn't bad. It has Basswood, which isn't awful but it isn't the best. Still, it's great for $170. Nice finish, and the neck is good. 24 frets, great for shredding...and the bridge is pretty good. I'd say that's a pretty good deal for $170, seeing that the site says it's $290...