so im planning out my build that i will hopefully be starting in a month or two, but am right now missing a critical part of my build, and that is where to buy wood. if anyone could give me any references on places around the washington dc/ northern virginia area, or reputable online stores i would greatly appreciate it
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Personally, I just bought my wood from bunnings which is just a hardware store. Look for some sort of hardware store around you or a lumber yard. Failing that, you can just buy some online from a retailer that specialises in wood for instruments; it's a little more expensive but they probably stock much higher quality specimens than those that you'd find at a hardware shop. Try http://www.exoticwoods.com/home.php
Look at lumberyards in your area if they're are any. I've heard stories of people picking up a beautiful piece of quilt maple or something for like $20.
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exotic woods is good for buying online, but lumber yards are the absolute best places to buy wood, cause its always cheaper, and the wood is better quality most of the time
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